Whether in-house or outsourced, in-studio video production gets expensive quickly. The average cost for production is over $1,000 per minute of finished video, and that’s just the starting point — hosting, streaming, search indexing, transcoding for playback, and a number of other backend video production services are almost always billed extra.

At those prices, even a single video can be an expensive line item in your team’s budget. But organizations are producing way more than one video a year. One in three large companies now produce more than 100 videos per year, and that number continues to grow.

A more flexible video solution can help your team create high-quality video content at scale far more affordably than is possible with studio-based recording. So how much could your organization be saving?


Reducing the Costs of In-Studio Video Recordings


Potential Savings

The results are astounding. By replacing in-studio video recording processes with Panopto, you could be saving a total of annually.

Total annual cost for in-studio video recording

(Calculations shown in US Dollars)