Panopto's modern HLS video streaming solution delivers clear, clean video

Deliver video more efficiently.

Panopto includes a unique media pipeline that uses modern HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) for video capture, live webcasting, and on-demand distribution. As a result, you get faster video startup times, reduced buffering, unmatched scalability, and higher-quality playback for both internal and external audiences.

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Panopto's HLS video streaming protocols support video streaming at scale on your WAN

Reduce complexity while improving scalability.

Whenever a technology requires specialized support, risk increases. When working with video, overlay networks, custom protocols, and specialized servers required for previous streaming solutions left organizations with fragile, expert-dependent systems.

HLS streaming reduces that complexity, enabling organizations to consolidate video network traffic to HTTP using TCP ports 80 and 443. It lowers costs, eliminating the need to deploy and manage separate caching infrastructures and overlay networks. And the ubiquity of HTTP servers and caching proxies makes scalability an inherent feature of the underlying network.

Additionally, HLS video streaming helps ensure compatibility and optimal playback experiences for a wide range of viewer devices and connections.

Panopto's video streaming architecture ensures viewers on any device, anywhere can watch in high definition

Intelligent video content delivery and playback.

Optimal playback on every device.

Panopto’s approach to video delivery improves the playback experience. Our servers automatically detect your device every time you click play and deliver a playback experience optimized for that form factor. Video is tailored to the size and capabilities of the device, so when you press play, the video is shown at the ideal resolution and quality whether you’re viewing on a Samsung Galaxy S8 or an iPad Pro.

Videos uploaded to Panopto are also transcoded for adaptive bitrate streaming, ensuring that viewers located anywhere in the world get the best possible playback experience both at their desks on gigabit ethernet and in the field consuming media over a 3G network.

Panopto's video streaming technology enables high definition live streaming from your RTMP encoders

Support for RTMP encoders.

RTMP remains one of the most popular protocols for converting video feeds from cameras into media formats suitable for live streaming. You can connect your RTMP encoders to Panopto to broadcast events live to thousands of simultaneous viewers.

Panopto converts the RTMP feed to HLS as it’s ingested. Integrations with enterprise content delivery networks (ECDNs) and WAN optimization solutions minimize video startup time and buffering of the live feed. And with live DVR, viewers who join late never have to miss a moment of the webcast.

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Panopto offers flexible video streaming solutions that work with your existing infrastructure

Flexible video streaming options that work with your existing network infrastructure.

Panopto’s video cloud provides the easiest, most flexible options for streaming video over the Internet. Out of the box, we deliver video using Akamai and Amazon CloudFront CDNs, the largest global content delivery networks. As a result, you get faster video startup time and minimal latency regardless of where you’re located. And if you already partner with a CDN provider, Panopto is compatible. In fact, you can configure Panopto to work with your CDN with only a few simple updates in your Panopto admin console.

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Video that just works.

Panopto integrates with your WANop and ECDN investments. Whether you already have WAN optimization infrastructure or are looking for new ways to improve the efficiency of video streaming on your network, Panopto has you covered.