Panopto's interactive, high definition video player allows for multiple screen views and single screen focus

So much more than picture-in-picture.

Expect more from your video player. With Panopto’s interactive video player, your viewers can see the presenter, the presenter’s on-screen content, and any other media streams — all synced within in a single interface, in full HD.

Viewers can switch between video feeds, zoom in on a preferred stream for a full-screen view, and even take time-stamped notes. Panopto automatically generates a table of contents with video thumbnails and enables you to search the content of the video, making in-video navigation a snap.

Utilize in-video search and variable speed playback inside Panopto's video player

Interactive video players for
active viewing.

Panopto’s HTML5 video players create an engaging viewing experience through multi-screen HD playback and interactive features that are designed to improve learning experiences.

Watch videos on any device with Panopto's HTML5 video player

Optimized video playback for every device.

No two devices are exactly the same, which is why Panopto automatically detects each viewer’s device, browser, and video capabilities to deliver an optimized playback experience using HTML5. Watching on a Mac or PC? You’ll see our full interactive player. On a smartphone? You get a video podcast. On a tablet? Custom iOS and Android players.

Web connection a little spotty? Not to worry. Every video uploaded to your Panopto video CMS is also transcoded for adaptive bitrate streaming, ensuring fast startup and minimal buffering, regardless of connection speed.

Learn more about video transcoding in Panopto

Embed our HTML5 video player in any webpage.

Just copy and paste to easily present your videos just about anywhere. Panopto’s HTML5 video player can be embedded in any webpage in seconds — even inside your organization’s learning management system (LMS), content management system (CMS), or web portals. There’s no easier way to bring video to the places where your people already go for information.

Want to see it for yourself? Click play on the adjacent video to see why Panopto’s player stands out from the rest.

Customize your interactive video player for your brand

Customize your video player to match your brand.

Help your viewers feel at home. In less than 60 seconds you can customize the look and feel of the Panopto video player to match your branding, complete with your own logo and brand colors.

Learn more about adding custom branding to Panopto >

Support 360 degree videos and virtual reality with Panopto's high definition video player

In a headset. Or on your screen.

Panopto supports 360° and Virtual Reality (VR) video.

Panopto’s interactive, embedded, and mobile video players all support the playback of 360-degree videos. View and rotate simulations, demonstrations, virtual tours, and anything else recorded with virtually any 360-degree camera. And for a fully immersive experience, queue up a 360-degree video in Panopto on your mobile phone and pair with a VR headset like Google Daydream, Google Cardboard, Oculus Rift, or Samsung Gear VR.