24/7 availability

with a 99% satisfaction rate.

When problems pop up, you don’t want to be left with community forums as your only support option. At Panopto, we’ll connect you to Justin’s team — real engineers who can help solve issues, consult on performance, and assist with just about anything.

Panopto's customer support team is available 24/7 and has a 99% customer satisfaction rate

Consultation and training

from hardware to how-to.

Panopto runs on a wide range of hardware and works with just about any AV gear. With all that flexibility, sometimes a little guidance is a big help. From hardware and AV questions to recording, webcasting, and video management, Panopto includes basic and advanced training in every license.

“For the team here at Nike, Panopto has two major benefits. First, the Panopto video platform really helps us meet all our video needs. And second, Panopto’s customer service has been just amazing.”

Marie Dufosse, Program Coordinator, Nike

The right level of support

for every organization.

Customer service comes standard with every Panopto license. But that doesn’t mean our support is one-size-fits-all. Contact our team to find out which support plan is right for you.