Why 21 of the World's Top 25 Universities Choose Panopto

Why do 21 of the world’s top 25 universities choose Panopto for lecture capture and video management? It’s because no other video platform is as easy to administer, or as flexible for faculty.

Best of all, with Panopto, the industry’s best-rated customer service comes standard with every license. Our team is ready to help with your initial implementation, training, ongoing technical support, and more.

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“There are so many products out there that promise great capture, but no other solution delivers support and management like Panopto.”

Jimmy Lieu, Director, Information Technology and Services, University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business
Manage lecture capture and other university videos in a searchable video content management system

Video Content Management

Centrally manage your recorded lectures, additional classroom videos, and even 3rd-party media assets in a secure, searchable video platform that integrates with your LMS.

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Interact with students inside your online learning videos with Panopto

Virtual Classroom

Integrate Panopto’s video platform with your LMS and video conferencing solutions to create a rich virtual classroom experience that’s optimized for learning.

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Panopto's video platform helps make online videos for education accessible

Video Accessibility

Reduce the cost and complexity of captioning videos. Panopto helps institutions achieve compliance with federal accessibility requirements for online video content with flexible captioning options, screen reader support, and more.

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Panopto's lecture capture capabilities make it the leading video platform for higher education

Lecture Capture

From small departmental deployments to campus-wide installations, you won’t find an easier, more flexible lecture capture solution than Panopto.

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Panopto's flipped classroom capabilities make it the leading video platform for higher education

Flipping the Classroom

Enable faculty to record and share flipped classroom videos from anywhere, using any laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

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Make course videos interactive and add quizzes to engage and activate learners in Panopto's video education platform

Active Learning

Open more time for active learning, add new options for student activities, make course videos interactive, and bring more of the outside world into your classrooms with Panopto.

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Record student presentations and assignments with Panopto's video platform for education

Student Recordings

Record student presentations, assessments, and more. With private assignment folders for students, Panopto makes video easy to use for classroom assignments.

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Record demonstration videos and role-play scenarios with Panopto's video platform for higher education

Recording Demonstrations

Record lab demonstrations, patient role-play scenarios, mock courtroom trials, field demonstrations, and more, with Panopto’s multi-camera and mobile recording features.

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“Panopto has given our students and faculty the ability to use video technology much more easily than they ever could before, and really enhances the teaching and learning process.”

Jeana Rogers, Center for Academic Technology, Butler University
Record live on-demand videos that support university development with Panopto's video platform for education

University Development

For administration, governance, athletics, alumni, and more, Panopto gives you new options for engaging with your community more effectively.

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Customize individual learning with Panopto's video platform for education in K-12 schools

K-12 Schools

Panopto enables students to personalize their learning experience, teachers to prioritize individuals, and primary and secondary schools to make classrooms more active.

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A few of our favorite posts from the teachers, students, and administrators who know Panopto best.

  • Really glad to be using @Panopto (again) at #USCofLaw. Heavily using it for Skills based courses here. Students seem to really like it.
  • I ❤️ panopto
  • .@elearningfeeds @Panopto is amazing! Our faculty absolutely love it! The OCR capture feature is impressive.
  • Now we can pull daily stats from the Panopto API I can make pretty comparative graphs #exam #revision
  • 2X speed on Panopto is the greatest thing ever.
  • I'm gonna say it again, thank god for Panopto!
  • many instructors prefer panopto to other screencapture software b/c of more advanced navigation capability, analytics
  • Continually impressed by @panopto support. We've had some crazy requests and they have delivered.
  • Panopto has saved my degree again and again I swear
  • Revision using Panopto is an absolute dream! Thanks for integrating it, @AstonUniversity
  • My school just invested in Panopto video recording software. So many potential uses… CPD, flipped learning, webcasting. Blown away...
  • Winning @Panopto Spent over 3 hours over the phone helping get one of our instructors ready for fall qtr! Amazing customer service!
  • (psst, academia:) YOU GUYS. panopto is the COOLEST THING EVER. i'm geeking out entirely too much over this but AAHHHH. so much fun!
  • Panopto is saving my revision while I'm sick ????