Panopto is a single, secure location for hosting every campus video

A single, secure location for hosting every campus video.

Imagine having all of your institution’s video assets in one secure place — where students and faculty can easily find them, search inside them for specific content, and watch them on any device. Panopto’s industry-leading video content management system (video CMS) makes it simple to store and manage all your new and existing videos, including lectures, flipped classroom recordings, campus events, guest presentations, athletics competitions, alumni outreach, live webcasts, and more.

More than a video repository, Panopto includes a video recorder, an online video editor, complete system and viewing analytics, and powerful video search and discovery tools. No other video platform is as easy to manage, or as flexible for meeting the diverse needs of students and faculty, as Panopto.

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Panopto's video hosting platform for education integrates seamlessly with your learning management system

Make video a core part of your LMS.

Video should enhance the learning experience, not make it more frustrating. Today, students and faculty rely on learning management systems for course assignments, materials, communications, and more. So Panopto makes it easy to seamlessly add and interact with videos in your LMS.

With ready-made integrations available for virtually every popular learning management system, Panopto makes it easy for faculty and staff to provision and copy courses, capture and embed videos, and manage student access, all from within your LMS. For additional needs, Panopto’s open API enables you to connect and extend our video platform even further. And for students, Panopto’s LMS integrations make it a breeze to browse, search, and view class videos, without ever leaving the LMS.

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Secure and manage live video class session recordings in Panopto.

Secure and share video conference recordings automatically.

Panopto includes pre-built integrations for popular video conferencing tools like Zoom and Webex, providing you with the easiest way to manage, search, and securely share live class recordings.

With Panopto, recorded video conferences are automatically uploaded securely to your central video library and shared with enrolled students through your LMS. Panopto not only makes them searchable but also enables students to speed up and slow down playback, and even take notes inside the recordings. Faculty can use Panopto to audit student viewing activity, add in slides and other content, and include quizzes — ensuring all students receive a first-class online learning experience.

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“Our professors all had different needs when it came to video, and Panopto gave us an answer for all of them. Now if they want they can edit recordings, schedule when videos will and won’t be available to students, and even record other materials like lab demonstrations or flipped classroom lectures.”

Michael McCurdy, Instructional Technology Specialist, Seminole State College
With a keyword search, university students can navigate to relevant content within Panopto's video management system

Give students more to explore and discover.

With Panopto, you have greater flexibility to add value to students’ individual learning experiences. Panopto’s video search and discovery features not only make it easier for students to revisit lectures and other course videos, but also enable them to personalize learning in new ways.

Smart Search, the industry’s most comprehensive video search engine, helps students instantly find and fast forward to any moment a relevant keyword is mentioned or shown on screen in a recording, saving them time and making their studies more effective.

Subscriptions and video tagging features within Panopto’s video library give students even more opportunities to deepen their knowledge. With subscriptions, students can follow faculty and instructors, as well as specific video tags, to learn more from experts in their field of study. Tags also offer students the ability to browse related videos, which can help them further master key concepts and engage in interdisciplinary studies.

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Panopto's video hosting system for education enables your faculty to request high-quality, Section 508-compliant captioning services for any video

Section 508-compliant captioning and accessibility.

The rising popularity of blended learning, online courses, and distant student programs have made lecture capture and other classroom video essential parts of the learning environment for many institutions. But while video technology has opened schools and universities to more students, it’s also introduced legal and ethical pressures to make video content accessible for students and staff.

Panopto was designed for accessibility. With Panopto your faculty can request high-quality, Section 508-compliant transcription services for any video with a single click. Administrators can even make the process hands-free by setting classroom folders to request transcriptions automatically. And Panopto includes all your captions in our Smart Search index, enabling viewers to find and instantly fast forward to any relevant moment.

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A "Leader" in Gartner's Magic Quadrant for Video Content Management

Include interactive in-video quizzes with Panopto's video management system for education

Include interactive video quizzes.

Easily create and include multiple choice, checkbox, and true/false questions to test learner comprehension, reinforce key concepts, improve knowledge retention, and make your videos more engaging.

Create and add questions to your videos in less than a minute, decide whether viewers can retake quizzes, review grades, and learn more about correct answers, and access real-time reports of quiz responses to help identify which viewers may have struggled and which topics were most challenging.

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Panopto's video hosting system for higher education provides in-depth analytics on viewer video engagement

See who’s watching what, and what’s watched most.

With Panopto, it’s easy for instructors to see whether students have watched course videos all the way to the end or if they stopped short, helping them learn what’s working and what isn’t.

Panopto provides usage analytics across your entire video library, at the folder level, and all the way down to user-level engagement analytic. Administrators can get detailed reports on viewer engagement and usage for a single course, an individual department, or the entire school, offering valuable insights into how your video platform is impacting learning experiences.

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Customize your video players and portal with your logo and brand colors in Panopto's

Customize your video portal and players with your logo and colors.

Panopto enables you to make your video platform a true extension of your institution. Add your logo and set your colors to reflect your school’s identity across your video platform, all in under sixty seconds. You can even apply custom branding at the folder level to represent unique branding for individual academic departments.

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Panopto does even more to help you enhance learning on campus with video.

From recording and live streaming to editing and transcoding, Panopto is an all-in-one video solution that takes the hard work out of producing and sharing academic video content. Learn more about the only video software you need to create, manage, and stream video content on any device, anywhere on or off-campus.

Top-notch customer support included.

Great customer service works with you proactively to implement solutions and reactively to help resolve issues. From your initial implementation to optimization and ongoing support, Panopto's experienced engineers are ready to lend a hand. Our 24/7 customer service has earned a 99% satisfaction rating three years in a row.

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Panopto's video hosting platform comes with a support team who is experienced in working with the unique needs of higher education

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