Panopto's Hive integration provides actionable live streaming insights as your event is happening

Actionable live streaming insights as your event is happening.

As businesses and universities increasingly insource the production and management of live streamed events, IT organizations and AV teams need tools that simplify video streaming, network monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Panopto’s integration with Hive Insights enables teams to quickly and easily identify and track any streaming quality or network issues that may be impacting the experience for viewers.

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Easily identify QoS And QoE issues with Panopto and Hive Insights

Easily identify QoS And QoE issues.

During your live streamed event, Hive Insights helps you troubleshoot quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE) issues by providing network visualizations that report on event performance. Views include overall event quality as well as specific regional, device, browser, and viewer performance.  

See high level reports, as well as detailed analysis on specific streaming metrics with Panopto and Hive Insights

Pivot and drill down into live event data for deeper analysis.

The Hive Insights user interface is modern, intuitive, and powerful. All views include the ability to conduct quick high-level analysis, plus the ability to drill-down and filter to find answers to key live streaming performance questions or to uncover regional or viewer-centric issues.

Stream high-quality, live videos efficiently over your WAN with Panopto

Stream efficiently on a modern video platform.

Panopto includes a unique media engine that uses modern video streaming protocols to stream live video over your existing network infrastructure. As a result, you get faster video startup times, reduced buffering, unmatched scalability, and higher-quality playback for your viewers.

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Record, Live Stream, and Edit your Videos

All Using a Single Video Platform

With Panopto, you get an all-in-one video platform with easy-to-use video capture and live streaming tools, a video editor, a quiz maker for creating interactive video quizzes, in-depth video analytics, and more. To find out more about Panopto's video platform, click the link below.

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Record, live stream, and edit your videos with Panopto and Hive