Panopto's multi-track video recording and streaming doesn't choke up your network

The fastest way to record HD multi-stream videos.

Panopto’s free online screen recorder lets you record video presentations and video messages without downloading any software or installing any apps or plugins. Record yourself presenting from your webcam alongside visuals from your computer screens and other connected recording devices, with just a few clicks, in brilliant high-definition. Panopto offers the only free online screen recorder that includes virtual background blur and replacement as well as an auto-tracking Smart Camera that keeps you centered in the frame when you move around.

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Record anything, anywhere.

With dedicated software and apps for Windows, Mac, and iOS, Panopto’s flexible video recording software gives you the ability to record online, offline, and anywhere you can take your smartphone. It’s easy enough for first-time users to be up and running in minutes, yet powerful enough to be used by AV teams for recording professional-quality multi-camera live events.

Panopto can capture video from virtually any recording device you can plug into your laptop or computer, including external webcams, cutting-edge camcorders, document cameras, microscopes, and more. Panopto also captures video from multiple screens, so you can record yourself presenting alongside your slides while also showing a demonstration on-screen. Simply connect your devices to your laptop or computer, select the visuals you want to show and click record.

Video presentation recorded with Panopto video software

Easily create interactive videos that keep viewers engaged.

With Panopto’s interactive video player, your viewers will find a video experience that feels more like being in the live audience. Multi-camera HD playback, customizable video views, variable speed playback, notes and discussions, and closed captioning enable viewers to personalize their experience, so they get the most out of your video content. Panopto also detects your viewer’s network connection and device automatically to deliver an optimized video stream with minimal buffering that’s tailored to each individual’s screen.

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Video recording software designed to save you time.

live video stream recorded in Panopto

Live stream with one extra click.

With one extra mouse click, Panopto users can turn a video presentation into a live webcast that can be watched by ten people across campus, or ten thousand people around the world. From keynotes and conferences to town hall meetings, campus events, internal announcements, or anything else, Panopto Enterprise makes it simple to securely live stream video and instantly share the recording when the broadcast ends.

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Panopto video conference recording software - GoToMeeting

Do more with video conference recordings.

Recording video conferences to capture real-time communications between teams and individuals has become a best practice for many organizations. But while most video conferencing software will allow you to record your meetings, none give you the ability to easily share and manage those videos, much less make the important information within those recordings easy to search.

Panopto includes pre-built integrations for popular video conferencing solutions like Zoom, Webex Meetings, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans, so you can centralize and manage your organization’s meeting recordings in a secure, searchable video library where they are easy to find and share.

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360 degree video recording software for virtual and augmented reality

Create immersive learning experiences with 360° video.

Panopto supports 360-degree and Virtual Reality video, making it easy for you to bring your viewers inside virtual simulations, demonstrations, tours, classrooms, meetings, and more. Viewers can watch and rotate your 360-degree videos in Panopto’s interactive video player, and can get the full Virtual Reality experience using our mobile player and just about any VR headset.

Ideal for enterprises and remote teams.

For large organizations, Panopto makes it easy for administrators to deploy video recording software at scale, integrate Panopto with identity management systems to enable single sign-on, and remotely manage video recording from any location.