Panopto's meeting intelligence solutions make businesses smarter.

Smart businesses learn more from their meetings.

Most organizations operate inefficiently when it comes to meetings: speak once, then gone forever. If participants don’t take copious notes, knowledge is permanently lost or forgotten simply because there’s no searchable record or documentation.

Imagine if your email retention policies only allowed employees to read messages once. Important information would slip through the cracks and productivity would suffer without an easily searchable archive of communications.

Panopto’s meeting intelligence solutions make it easy to turn meetings into true digital assets that are as useful as emails or messaging, radically improving knowledge sharing and productivity at scale to give your organization a sustainable competitive advantage.

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86% of daily video conferencing users want video meetings to be recorded and archived for future use.

Turn meeting recordings into a vast, searchable video knowledge base that’s completely secure

Do you know where all of your company’s meeting recordings are located?

Do you know if they’re all secure?

As more teams are now working remotely on time-shifted schedules, the popularity of recording virtual meetings is soaring. These recordings contain vital corporate intellectual property, yet they’re often passed around the organization through any number of links and downloaded MP4 files that can easily compromise the security of confidential information.

IT teams managing multiple unified communications (UC) or meeting solutions, face an even tougher challenge keeping track of the growing volume of meeting recording assets. And storing those recordings can become costly if not managed carefully.

With Panopto, you can be confident your organization’s intellectual property is secured. Panopto’s meeting intelligence platform works across multiple UC providers to consolidate recordings into a single, secure archive with unlimited storage.

Meeting AI that does more than take notes. Learn more about Smart Chapters and Smart Search from Panopto.

Meeting AI that does more than take notes.

Meetings are dynamic, collaborative events that often include multiple people talking while sharing screens, slides, and documents all from various locations. Meeting assistants designed to take notes and provide summaries quite simply miss an abundance of information that could prove to be valuable later.

Panopto’s innovative meeting AI features ensure every detail is fully preserved while presenting information in a format that makes insights easy to discover.

“At first, most people view new workplace technologies as yet another system they have to use. But as we continue to deploy Panopto, our people are clearly seeing the productivity benefits in their daily work lives and across the business — the buy-in has been 110% from everybody.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc. Canon Solutions America
Panopto’s intelligent search engine for meeting recordings makes teams smarter and more productive.

Voice transcription and intelligent video search boost productivity.

Most video search technologies only search the title and description of recorded meetings. This requires employees to sift through hours of video to find the two minutes they actually need. It’s not only a waste of time but it also frustrates employees who may simply give up and move on without the information they know exists.

With Panopto’s AI-powered video search engine, employees can search for any word or phrase spoken or shown on-screen during a meeting to instantly find precise meeting moments and the information they need. And it works in 20 languages, with more on the way.

Every recording uploaded to Panopto is transcribed using automatic speech recognition (ASR) and indexed with optical character recognition (OCR) to make every word shown in screen shares during a meeting searchable. And since video content in Panopto is access-aware, authenticated users can find and watch any recording in your library to which they have been granted viewing permissions — they’ll never be able to see meeting recordings they don’t have access to even if they’re searching or browsing.

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Secure and share meeting recordings at scale with Panopto’s meeting intelligence solutions.

Automate and simplify the way you share meeting recordings.

When integrated with video conferencing software, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Webex Meetings, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans, Panopto simplifies capturing, securing, and sharing your video conference recordings. Best of all, no one has to do anything differently.

After a meeting host records a video conference, Panopto automatically uploads, converts, and transcribes the recorded meeting, making it private by default yet easy to find and easy to share. Want to reference a precise moment in a meeting recording? Simply share a timestamp link.

With Panopto, employees won’t need to be given a password for each shared video or remember yet another set of credentials in order to login and review their recorded meetings either. Panopto integrates with single sign-on (SSO) ID management solutions including Google Apps, oAuth, SAML, and Active Directory, to give administrators fine-grained control over how meeting recordings can be shared as well as the ability to automate secure sharing with meeting participants, specific groups, or the entire organization. Panopto also authenticates every meeting view and logs each view for audit purposes.

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“Panopto has quickly become more than just a training solution for us. We’re also using it to record and share Teams meetings, which limits the number of participants. Now, monthly meetings hosted by senior engineers can be watched and rewatched by all of the technicians within our organization.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc. Canon Solutions America
Panopto includes advanced video editing tools for creating reusable information assets from meeting recordings.

Sophisticated video editing tools.

Before sharing with others, meeting hosts can use Panopto’s online video editing tools to remove casual conversations at the beginning of a call, cut out confidential moments in the middle, or trim it down to highlight the most important take-aways. You can even add in new content such as extra video commentary, links and quizzes, or splice together multiple meeting recordings on the same topic to create a more complete information asset for your team.

Closed captioning workflows within Panopto allow for the seamless addition of machine- or human-generated captions. Automatic machine-generated captions can be instantly inserted and edited on the fly within any individual recording. Administrators can also enable closed captioning at scale by configuring permission-based ordering from top global human captioning service providers right inside Panopto.

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Meeting AI That Works With Your UC Technologies

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Panopto Webex Meetings video integration
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Get deeper intelligence from your meetings and a broad range of insights about organizational collaboration with analytics from Panopto.

The leading meeting intelligence solution.

Deeper insights into organizational collaboration.

When you integrate Panopto with your video conferencing technology, you’ll get new data to help you assess how internal meetings are impacting your business. Panopto’s video analytics suite will show you how many meetings you’re really having and how much time is spent in them, as well as which employees are watching which meetings, what topics are searched and viewed most, and more. User-level viewing data in Panopto provides administrators with additional data and auditing tools to support compliance management.

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Bring greater flexibility to collaboration, learning, and communication.

With more teams working from home and working on opposite sides of the globe, getting all the right people on a call at the same time can be a challenge — even then, priorities can change, preventing someone from joining a scheduled meeting, training, or event. Panopto provides organizations with a complete platform for asynchronous video that enables more flexible collaboration, learning, and communication.