Remote team communication in the Panopto video platform

End the days of back-to-back meetings.

Video conferencing may be one of the most prominent technologies within today’s stack of communication and training tools for remote teams, but getting people who may be scattered across time zones on a call at the same time isn’t always possible, nor is it always the most productive use of everyone’s time. That’s not to say that real-time communication isn’t valuable — it’s that there are other ways for remote teams to exchange detailed information and share knowledge remotely that won’t fill up people’s calendars with back-to-back meetings.

Panopto offers remote workers a more flexible solution for efficient video communication and training. With a robust set of tools for recording, editing, sharing, and searching on-demand videos securely, Panopto helps maximize the productivity of your remote workforce and improve the flow of information at scale so your business can be more innovative, agile, and profitable than ever before.

Overcome Your Toughest Remote Work Challenges With Panopto

Improve remote collaboration with Panopto

It’s how remote teams communicate more, but talk less.

Highly productive remote teams have a secret to their success: they prioritize clear, timely communication through asynchronous mediums, minimizing disruptive spur-of-the-moment interactions and real-time meetings that erode individual productivity. 

Instead of that time-old tradition — sending a lengthy email — employees now use Panopto to deliver comprehensive information in the time it takes to present it. With just a laptop with a webcam, employees can easily record and share multi-stream on-demand video messages, presentations, documentation, how-tos, training, and more. 

Panopto automatically uploads and stores your organization’s video assets in a secure online library where remote workers can simply type in a search to immediately find answers that live within the content of any video they have permission to view. Additional knowledge discovery features in Panopto go even further to inspire ongoing learning and collaboration across distributed teams.

Get more from your meetings.

Meeting intelligence is a simple solution to a complex and costly problem that every leadership team addresses at some point: How to make meetings more productive and valuable. By enabling meeting recording across your entire organization, attendees naturally increase their focus and contribute more, and those who either can’t attend or have competing priorities don’t actually have to miss the meeting.

Panopto can be configured to automatically ingest meeting recordings in the cloud from video conferencing solutions, including Zoom, Webex Meetings, Skype for Business, GoToMeeting, and BlueJeans, eliminating the extra steps normally required to find and share them, and ensuring only those with permission can access them. Need to reference a precise moment from a meeting? Simply share a link with a timestamp.

Panopto also transcribes every word spoken and shown in meeting recordings, creating a searchable record of your meetings and alleviating the need for attendees to take detailed notes. Participants can even continue to collaborate after a meeting ends via discussions and notes inside the recording itself.

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“Panopto has quickly become more than just a training solution for us. We’re also using it to record and share Teams meetings, which limits the number of participants. Now, monthly meetings hosted by senior engineers can be watched and rewatched by all of the technicians within our organization.”

Eric Hill, Senior Product Training Specialist, Canon Solutions America, Inc. Canon Solutions America
Improve knowledge sharing between remote employees

Panopto picks up the slack.

Maximize knowledge sharing among employees working from home.

Employees working from home don’t have the luxury of turning to a nearby colleague for a quick how-to demonstration or for an explanation of a new operating procedure — which is often quicker than finding and reading through written documentation somewhere on a company portal.

With Panopto, your remote workforce can share knowledge more effectively and locate information provided by subject matter experts for immediate answers, at any time. Panopto offers remote employees an easy-to-use solution for quickly recording and sharing what they know in searchable on-demand videos.

Panopto’s secure YouTube-like video portal also lets employees subscribe to other users and interesting tags, which enables remote organizations to create an organic environment for sharing and discovering knowledge across teams, departments, and the entire organization, regardless of location. Your teams can even search for and securely share video-based knowledge within Slack simply by typing a slash-command into a DM or Slack channel.

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Scale virtual training for remote teams

Virtual training that’s as flexible as your teams.

Panopto’s all-in-one video platform comes with all the tools you need to support effective live, on-demand, and just-in-time virtual learning. And viewers get to experience a customizable classroom-like training environment through Panopto’s learning-optimized interactive video player.

Whether it’s a live training session live via Zoom or a self-guided course of microlearning videos, your instructors can easily capture, edit, and securely share training videos with remote employees without the time-intensive workflows that are typically required. Even better, they won’t have to repeat the same live training session over and over in order to reach a larger audience. With Panopto, you’ll be able to deliver more training to a scattered workforce for less.

Panopto integrates with most LTI-compatible learning management systems (LMSs) to automate the secure sharing of learning optimized training videos and live training recordings directly to the place your people already go to learn. Every recording that is uploaded to Panopto is transcribed for search and then made available to users according to your permissioning rules. Panopto also makes quick work of adding automatically generated captions to videos and quizzes that keep viewers engaged.

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“Panopto gives us a cost-effective tool to expand the way we do e-learning. Alongside instructor-led classrooms and our coursebooks and self-study guides, video makes it possible to watch and rewatch the class on-demand, learn who the subject matter experts are, and collaborate more internally.”

Dana Sanderlin, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm Inc.
Create a better remote onboarding experience they'll remember

A remote onboarding experience they’ll remember.

Video conferencing makes it possible to welcome new employees working remotely to the team in live face-to-face virtual onboarding calls and for managers to help them get acclimated one-on-one. But what about the fire hose of information they’ll also need to get up to speed and quickly become successful in their new roles? Without another solution you’re either overloading new hires with hours upon hours of reading at home that’s likely to be forgotten immediately, or they’re going to feel fatigued from the get-go after spending two weeks on live video calls with too many new faces to remember.

Reduce employee time spent onboarding co-workers and don’t risk the costly turnover that could otherwise be prevented with a better remote onboarding process.

Panopto arms organizations with the additional tools they need to create effective virtual onboarding programs that deliver rich, consistent messages in a format designed to support the comprehension and retention of new information. From company policies to team-specific processes and procedures, Panopto makes it easy for managers, trainers, and subject matter experts to record on-demand videos that new hires can watch and rewatch as part of an engaging self-guided onboarding program. And with Panopto’s AI-powered video search, anything they watched can be found and revisited instantly with a simple keyword search.

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Stream and record live virtual events with ease

Live stream virtual company events from anywhere without the big price tag.

Live company town halls, benefits meetings, and conferences don’t have to stop just because everyone can’t be in the same room together. With Panopto, remote teams have everything they need to live stream and record professional-looking virtual events in full HD — from a home office or from multiple home offices. 

Panopto can sync live feeds from multiple cameras and multiple locations in the cloud to stream an engaging virtual event to ten or ten thousand viewers, publicly or privately. And because Panopto records as you are streaming, viewers can take advantage of live DVR controls that let them pause, rewind, or watch from the beginning even if they join late. Live Q&A features in Panopto also makes your live stream interactive, allowing viewers to submit questions and comments through the video player. And with RTMP live captioning you can improve the experience for your global workforce, while ensuring your messages are received exactly as you intended.

After your live event, Panopto does all the work to upload and transcode the recording of your live stream, making it immediately available for anyone to watch on-demand.

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A comprehensive productivity solution for remote workforces.

Keep your remote workforce informed and engaged with the most flexible video platform for virtual communication, collaboration, knowledge sharing, and training.