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As students spend more of their days immersed in blended and online learning, delivering content that is interesting and engaging is now vital to ensuring that they’re successful in school.

Panopto’s partnership with H5P provides instructors with an expansive set of tools that make it easy to take student engagement to the next level.

Once connected, instructors can record high-definition video lessons that include rich, interactive elements to reinforce key concepts, deepen learning, and to keep students focused on digital learning content.

Learn about using H5P and Panopto to create interactive videos for learning

Create and share interactive videos with Panopto and H5P

Powerful video tools anyone can use.

Create engaging interactive videos with H5P and Panopto.

In addition to interactive features native to the Panopto platform, such as quizzing and in-video notes, H5P offers a variety of interactive modules that instructors can also add to their Panopto videos. Choose from features such as:

  • Advanced quizzing:  Create time-based quizzes, arithmetic quizzes, “find the hotspot” and other challenges for learners
  • Branched viewing:  Add buttons or links at portions of the video to trigger different actions
  • Video overlays:  Add text and table overlays on top of the video

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Record engaging interactive videos with Panopto and H5P

No Hollywood production skills required.

With Panopto’s easy-to-use online video and screen recorder, instructors can pre-record multi-camera videos before adding interactive elements in H5P. Capture any combination of camera feeds, slideshows, or screen shares with just a laptop right from a web browser, without downloading or installing any software. Panopto records up to four video streams simultaneously, automatically synchronized, in brilliant high-definition. And with Panopto’s intuitive online video editor, anyone can make quick work of polishing up their recordings.

There’s no better way to create and share videos that get students excited about learning.

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Managing video learning assets shouldn’t require a number of point solutions. Panopto is the only technology you need to create, manage and live stream video content securely. And when you integrate Panopto with H5P, you’ll be able to do a whole lot more with interactive video.