Record multi-camera, HD demos.

From the behavior of chemicals in suspension to kinesthetic movements, some subjects just can’t be covered with a single view. Panopto’s unique support for multi-camera recording enables you to capture demonstrations from multiple camera angles.

Panopto’s unique multi-camera functionality allows you to capture presenter and subject video in up to 720p HD, and anything that can be shown on-screen in up to 1080p HD. Educators can record up to four streams on a single laptop, and use Panopto’s distributed recording capability to capture additional video sources from other laptops or mobile devices. With Panopto, you’ll never have to pass up another angle — or detail — again.

Capture video from any device to record laboratory demonstrations with Panopto

Capture video from any device.

Don’t limit yourself to a restricted list of approved cameras. Panopto supports a broad range of video recording devices, allowing you to capture lab and classroom demonstrations using webcams, document cameras, specialized camcorders, and more.

With Panopto, you can record with just about any device you can plug into a laptop or connect with a USB 3 video capture card. That means even most specialized, industry-specific camcorders like those common to healthcare, chemical engineering, geologic exploration, and other fields are still easy to capture with Panopto.

Record reports and demonstrations from anywhere, on-demand with Panopto's mobile apps

Record video demonstrations anywhere with mobile apps.

When the world is your classroom, your video technology needs to be able to keep up. With Panopto Mobile, you can record reports and demonstrations from anywhere, on-demand. It’s the best way to bring students along virtually for field work, professional on-site visits, backstage event access, live lab trials, and almost any other working environment.

You can also use Panopto Mobile to record additional camera angles for in-class demonstrations. You can even crowd-source your video by asking students to share video taken from their own personal devices and adding it to the final file in Panopto’s online editor.

Sync multiple camera feeds for simultaneous viewing of different angles of a demonstration

Automatically sync multiple camera feeds.

There are two key challenges to capturing instructional demonstrations. The first is how to capture every valuable angle, which Panopto’s solved with our unique multi-camera functionality. But the second is just as critical — once it’s recorded, how do you make all that video useful?

Meet Panopto Smart Sync. Smart Sync automatically syncs every video stream you record, even on distributed laptops and mobile devices. You can use Panopto’s editor to easily switch between cameras on playback, or include every stream in full for students to play and replay. You can even opt to display your video in tile view, and have Panopto show all camera angles at once, providing multiple perspectives on complex demos.