Create more consistent, in-depth sales training videos with Panopto's sales training video software

More efficient, more consistent sales training with video.

Your customers expect your sales reps to understand every detail of your product, pricing, and support plans. It’s a high bar and one that rises every time you announce a new feature or policy. Video makes it easy for you to enable agile sales training and to show your team quite literally how everything works.

Educate sales reps with greater consistency and scale up your sales training efforts to remote employees around the world. Record and update sales training videos easily, and share them in a searchable library for reps to view on-demand from any desktop or mobile device. Whether you’re training outside salespeople in the field, a team of inside sales reps in your contact center, or retail associates scattered around the country, Panopto helps you both standardize training and reduce costs.

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Get new reps selling faster with video onboarding.

On average, onboarding a new sales rep takes more than three months. Shifting to eLearning has proven to reduce time spent in training by 35% — meaning those first sales can start coming in a month earlier.

Panopto makes it easy to record and share training materials, product demos, and everything else you need to onboard new reps quickly. Video onboarding helps you make your onboarding more consistent and complete, and ensures that every rep gets the right information the right way as they get up to speed.

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“Previously it could take someone three to four months to really get immersed in one of our products. Our process is more efficient now. Using Panopto makes us more effective internally which, in turn, enables our team members to communicate more effectively with our customers.”

CEO, Financial Technology Company
Create dynamic, engaging video sales presentations with Panopto's sales enablement tools

Take your sales slide decks to the next level.

PowerPoint is an amazing sales tool, which is why all your competitors already use it. Your reps need a way to help their sales presentations stand out from the crowd.

Compared to video, slides fall flat. With Panopto, your reps can record and share your sales materials the way they were meant to be seen, capturing every visual and animation in cinematic HD. They can break outside the slide, adding product demos, recorded testimonials, detailed walkthroughs, and virtually anything else. And they can do it all right from their laptop, with just a few clicks.

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Sales presentation and meeting recording software

Record meetings, pitches, discussions, and other sales conversations.

You can teach. You can train. You can role play. You can rehearse. You can practice every possible scenario for every sales interaction. But eventually, your reps are going to have a real conversation with a real customer. Wouldn’t you like to see how that goes? 

Recording sales conversations can be a new experience for sales teams and customers alike, but the payoffs for that change are immeasurable. Customers love having access to recorded conversations so they can share them with colleagues. Reps love having recorded conversations so they can revisit every detail and comment a customer made. And sales managers love having recorded conversations so they can coach their reps and help everyone improve. 

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Enable sales representatives to share sales best practices internally with Panopto's sales enablement tools

Share sales best practices.

Deals are made in the details — so capture more of them. Panopto helps put an end to manually logging sales calls. Record a post-call rundown on a smartphone and use Panopto to append it to the customer’s account in Salesforce or another CRM. Alternatively, reps can share timestamped links to key moments in recorded meetings.

And whereas in the past, institutional knowledge was traded ad-hoc over the water cooler, today your reps can quickly record and share their secrets to success in on-demand videos. Panopto’s video tagging and subscription features enable sales reps to not only share their ideas more broadly but also arm themselves with the most up to date product information and detailed industry insights shared by others in the company video library.

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Support just-in-time learning with Panopto's searchable sales training videos

Support just-in-time learning with searchable video.

If your customers are asking questions now, covering the answers in next week’s meeting isn’t good enough. Your reps need a means to tap into your knowledge base on-demand — and that access needs to be complete and reliable even if a rep is working off-hours or remotely in the field.

Panopto’s Smart Search enables reps to find specific video-based knowledge in seconds with a simple keyword search. And Panopto automatically formats every video for playback on any device — so your reps can search and view recordings from anywhere, right on their laptop or mobile device.

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Panopto's sales training software enables remote video role play

Fast-track your sales training with video role play.

What’s the trick to making new training stick? Practice putting that training into action. Whether you’ve got a team of seasoned sales professionals are you’re training new reps for the field, video-enabled role play can help ensure all your reps are correctly executing your sales techniques and strategies.

Panopto makes it easy to record a live role-play session, and to share that video with a manager for further coaching. Or, if getting schedules to line up is a challenge, the sales manager can record a short prompt to which the rep can respond with a video presentation, simulating an actual sales engagement.

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Connect sales and marketing teams with Panopto's Salesforce integration

Tear down the wall between your marketing and sales teams.

With Panopto’s video platform for marketing and sales enablement, your teams can more easily collaborate on product positioning, customer personas, success stories, and more.

Help your marketing department clearly present the newest promos, the latest customer research, the next evolution in your go-to-market strategies, and more, with mobile-first playback that makes it easy for reps to stay in the loop. And empower your reps to provide real-time feedback and on-the-ground insights with flexible recording tools that can help the marketing team better understand the nuances of your market.