The smarter way to document and demonstrate.

“Documentation” is too often a five-syllable, four-letter-word. It demands painstaking detail, yet loses all value the minute anything changes. With video, tech teams can quickly record themselves documenting anything, in a format that’s easy to update and effortless for others to find and review.

Skills gap challenges

need not apply.

Your frontend is all Java. Your test labs use C#. And the new CIO loves Perl. Whether it’s a language, a process, or an approach, the “right know-how” will be different for every application. Video makes your expertise transferrable, helping you train your existing bench on almost anything, on-demand.

Simple, reliable video technology.

So you can focus on your technology.

Video shouldn’t be another application to juggle — it should just work. Panopto auto-scales to meet your streaming needs and protect your network, so your video playback is always optimized, and your live streams never fail.