Using Video In Employee Training - Webinar

Unlock your sales potential with a better way to train and share knowledge

Enablement fatigue got you down? Rapidly build and accelerate pipeline with social enablement powered by Panopto’s video learning platform. Panopto automatically documents and transforms every meeting, call, and discussion into instantly searchable intelligence for your team – saving time and improving seller productivity. 

Enjoying a training video

More efficient and consistent sales knowledge sharing with video learning.

Sellers should have quick, easy access to information. With Panopto, SaaS sales leaders and team members can capture and share video training on new products, sales techniques, and customer personas. Sellers can instantly search all videos for any written or spoken word, delivering the just-in-time insights they need to advance conversations – and improve performance. Not only will you drive increased productivity, but you can also leverage this training to create an environment of support and growth within your organization.

Studying at work

Get new sellers up to speed quickly with video onboarding.

Panopto makes it easy to record and share training materials, product demos, team insights, and everything else you need to onboard new sellers quickly. With our video platform, you can deliver consistent training materials in a secure, searchable video library accessible to your team on any device and at any time.


Video analytics in Zoom vs in Panopto

Data-driven continuous sales enablement that drives results.

Stop wasting time on ineffective training.  Analytics and insights within Panopto’s video platform provides audience engagement and viewing behavior analytics, such as who is watching your videos and how long they’re watching. These insights allow you to identify knowledge gaps, optimize your video learning, and measure the impact of the training on your team.

Panopto is the easiest way to record and share videos

Improve productivity and win rate at scale.

Your sellers are already training each other – it’s time to capture that knowledge. Increase sales team productivity by helping them easily create, share, and measure outcomes of interactive video content with Panopto. As your sales team’s centralized video platform, you can quickly and securely share knowledge across global teams – so you can focus on your business growth.